Scott Mackenzie has years of experience in sales and management. Having worked in corporations and in small businesses involved in agriculture, trucking and logistics, and the oil and gas industry. He brings applicable experience and understanding to your legal questions. Sometimes it is not simply a question of ‘is it legal?’ or ‘is it a breach of contract?’ Sometimes you need the seasoned view to help you make the proper business decision, a decision based not on what you could do, but rather what you should do to maximize benefit for yourself and your business in the long term. Governmental regulation is a fact of life for all businesses and property owners. Whether it be a Health Department or City Code Enforcement action against your property, or a claim against an easement by a neighbor, my office experienced attorneys will be available to help you. If your business is a regulated industry such as firearms or trucking, we have knowledge of ATF regulations and procedures, or DOT requirements for drivers and operators of interstate heavy transport. Federal and State regulation of your business does not need to be difficult.